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St. Benedict Tours suggests  the purchase of travel protection to protect you and your trip investment. Plans vary and may include Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption and Delays, Emergency Medical and Dental, Baggage Delay and Loss, and 24 Hour Assistance Services. St. Benedict Tours has provided direct links to companies that specialize in travel insurance. If St. Benedict Tours can be of further assistance, please contact us.

Berkshire-Hathaway Travel Insurance


We make it easy to choose the trip protection that’s right for you. We offer AirCare® – simple, affordable flight insurance; ExactCare® Value™ – complete coverage for travelers on a budget; ExactCare® – comprehensive coverage with a traditional plan design; and ExactCare® Extra™ – comprehensive travel insurance plus innovative flight protection. Let us help you get the perfect product for your travel-insurance needs.

MVP Travel Guard

Pick Your Plan

We have plans. Lots of them. Why? So you can easily find the one that fits. And with our plans, it’s not just about coverage. It’s about unique services. Lost your bag? We can help track it with Bag Trak®. Or we can cover your losses if it isn’t found. Have a non-emergency medical situation? We can help you find the right doctor or pharmacy. And we can cover your medical bills, including medical expenses and evacuations. It’s simple.